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Welcome to the Scouting Pages Website. The reason this site was developed was to hopefully provide a source of usual information about different aspects of Scouting's History both general and unusual facts about Scouting that are generally not known by people, for example Herge the creator of Tintin was a Scout and Tintin was based on a character called Totor that Herge created for a cartoon strip in a Scouting publication called Le Boy Scout,.and was based on his experience as a Patrol Leader, or that at least 3 steam locomotives have a connection with Scouting find out more about these facts and many more by using the Interesting Facts menu above

Information is added to this site when time allows or information comes to light through visiting other web sites or reading various Scouting Publications or any other publication that I come across that mentions Scouting.

Future plans for the site include articles on Scouting during two World Wars and more on Scouting Collectables

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