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Camp Fire


Since Scouting began a large number of successful poeple from vairous walks of life were Scouts. Scouting has shaped the lives of many individuals worldwide, and these individuals have found ways to make their mark in society. Many of them credit their past involvement in the Scouting Movement as an important part in their success.

Buzz Aldrin

Did you know that of the 294 men and women selected to be astronauts since 1959 to 2005, more than 180 have been Scouts and of the 27 men to travel to the moon on the Apollo 9 through Apollo 17 missions, 24 were Scouts, including 11 of the 12 men who physically walked on the moon's surface, and all three members of the crew of Apollo 13 misson, that had it's oxygen tank expload meaning the landing misson had to be aborted. On a saider note all three of the astronauts who died in the Apollo 1 fire, four of the seven who died in the Challenger launch explosion, and five of the seven who died in the Columbia re-entry explosion were Scouts.

Memories & Quotes from former Scouts

Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls, adventurer, TV presenter and the UK Cheif Scout got involved in Scouts as a Cub at the age of 8 and attributes this time as part of the inspiration behind his adult adventures presenting TV shows such as Born Survivor: 'So much of who we are as an adult is formed when we are kids,' said Bear. " What Scouting says to people is: it's okay to go for it in life". "Every child has a right to have an adventure. Life is about grabbing opportunities. The prizes don't always go to the biggest, the best and the strongest - they go to those who persevere. These are simple life lessons that Scouting teaches people."(OK Bear is still a Scout, but was added to this page because he was in Scouting as a Child and it is those skill he learnt that helped him get to where he is know)


Richard Branson

Founder of the Virgin brand Richard Branson is quoted as saying about his time in Scouts "Scouting got me away from the desk, got me doing useful, fun & exciting things, thinking back it taught me more things than school ever did" "Great fun, great adventures. Lots of outdoor activities which I love. Experience of leadership. Never could learn how to tie a knot though!"




Jeremy Paxman


Jeremy Paxman, the Newsnight presenter and question Master of University Challenge said this about his time in Scouts. "I was in the Cubs and then the Scouts for about seven years and I loved every single minute of it, I became absolutely obsessed with making rope bridges, camping out and eating flapjacks over open fires. The whole experience taught me to be resourceful, self-reliant, and inventive."


Nelson Mandella



Former Scout, Political Prisoner & Former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela has this to say about Scouting "The Scout Movement is a world leader in educating youth. Scouting inspires patriotism, sound moral values, courage, character-building, self-reliance and community awareness. It also motivates our young people to achieve their full potential."




Steve Fossett

Adventure and former Scout Steve Fossett who unfournately went missing in October 2007, and delcared dead February 2007, when the plane he was fying over Nevarda went missing. Had this to say about Scouting "Scouting does a great job of making Scouts aware of character, integrity, and virtues and incorporating them into their lives."




David Bellamy

David Bellamy, the conservationist and a former member of the 1st Belmont Air Scouts, in south London, during the Second World War, added: "Scouting back then is a world away from what we have now. Scouting took me out in the countryside. We had a wonderful time. We would pay for our campsite by helping the farmer and the Land Girls. We had to dig our own latrines.We eat stinging nettles. We lived off hedgehogs, trout, rabbits. I can remember catching a fox and we wanted to make woggles out of it. We went to see some German prisoners of war working in the fields near our camp and asked how they did it. They skinned it for us and showed us how to cure the skin and make woggles. Then we all sat round a camp fire and cooked it and eat it. "



The list below as well as the personalities listed above is not a definitive list of all the famous Scouts but is here to give you an idea of the sort of famous people who were all Scouts in their younger days.


Sir Richard Attenborough - Actor and Producer
Sir David Attenborough - TV PresenterDavid
Natasha Kaplinsky - Newsreader
James Martin - Chef
Anthony Worrell Thompson - Chef
Richard Hammond - Top Gear Fame
Ray Mears - Survival Expert
Ross Kemp - Actor
Mark Ramprakash - Cricketer
Brian Clough - Manager
Michael Owen - Footballer
David Beckham - Footballer
Andrew Murray - tennis
Tim Foster rowing - Gold medalist
Pete Waterman - Record Producer
David Bowie - Singer
Sir Paul McCartney - Singer
Cliff Richard - Singer
George Michael - Singer
Billy Connelly - Comedian
Joe Pasquale - Comedian
Jim Davidson - Comedian
John Major - Former Prime Minister
Peter Mandleson - Polictain
Guy Gibson VC - RAF
Andrew Windsor - Duke of York
David Hockney - Artist
Tony Warren - Creater of Coronation Street

Harrison Ford - Actor
Bill Clinton - Former US President
Barack Obama - Current US President
Mark Spitz - US Swimmer
Walter Cronkite - US Journalist
Jacques Chirac - Frence Politician
Bill Gates - Founder of Microsoft
Steven Spielberg - Producer

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