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Camp Fire


Webmaster as a Cub
Webmaster as a Cub circa 1975

Webmaster as a Scout
Webmaster as a Scout circa 1976

I was born in the England, but my parents moved to New Zealand, to a city called Napier, when I was 7 months old In 1973 when I was eight when I joined the Napier South Scout Group as a Cub attheir Monday night Pack. During my time in Cubs I took part in celbrations for the 60th Aniversary of Cub Scouts

When was 10.5 I then moved on to Scouts and attended the 9th New Zealand Scout Jamboree held in Hastings. About 8 months before the Jamboree the New Zealand Scout Association changed the Scout Uniform from what it was as shown above in the photo of me as a Scout to a Teal coloured short sleave shirt with by memory grey shorts. During my time in Scouts I was an APL, PL and SPL. I gained my Chief Scout's Award and Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award during this time as well.

9th New ealand Jamboree Badge

After Scouts it was on to Ventures where I attended the 2nd National Venture (A Venture was a Jamboree for Venture Scouts) as well as gaining the Queens Scout and Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

2nd National Venture 1984

Here ended my time as a youth member of the movement, now my time as a leader began. I got my first warrant as an Assistant Cub Leader in 1985 with the same Pack I started off with as a Cub. A year later I was the Cub Leader of the Pack. I gained my Wood Badge in 1989. In 1990 I was awarded the 2 Chief Scouts Commendation for 5 yeard service as a Leader. 1993 saw me attend the 13th New Zealand Scout Jamboree as part of Sub Camp Staff, helping on the Sub Camps abseiling tower.

13th New Scout Jamboree

In 1996 I took a break from being a Leader, but remained a helper at another Cub Pack, while I was taking a full time computer course. 1998 saw me move to the UK, where I was born and in 1999 I found myself a local Cub Pack to get involved with as an Assistant Cub Leader again.


Here are some milestones in my Scouting background over the last 36 years

1973 Became a Cub in the Napier South Monday Night Cub Pack
1976 60th Anniversary of Cub Scouts
1977 Moved up to the Napier South Scout Troop
1979 Became Assistant Patrol Leader
1980 Became Patrol Leader
1981 Attended 9th New Zealand Scout Jamboree as a Scout
1981 Became Senior Patrol Leader
1981 Gained my Chief Scout and Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Awards
1981 Moved up to Venture Scouts
1982 75 years of Scouting Celebrated
1983 Gained the Endeavor and Silver Duke of Edinburgh Awards
1984 Attended 2nd National Venture as a Venture Scout
1984 Gained Queen Scout and Gold Duke of Edinburgh Awards
1985 Took out first Leaders Warrant as an Assistant Cub Leader
1986 70th Anniversary of Cub Scouts
1989 Gained my Wood Badge Award
1990 Awarded Chief Scouts Commendation for 5 years service as a Leader
1991 75 Years of Cub Scouts
1993 Attended the 13th New Zealand Scout Jamboree as part of Sub Camp Staff
1996 80th Anniversary of Cub Scouts
1996 Took break from full time Scouting, became a helper with local Cub Pack
1998 Moved form New Zealand back to England (country of Birth)
1999 Became Assistant Cub Leader with Basingstoke Air Scouts
2007 Took part in 100 Years of Scouting Events
2011 Awared Medal of Merit for service as a Leader

Group Scarves

Here are the scarves of the different Scout Groups I have belonged to  or been involved with  during my time in Scouting.

Napier South Scarf
Napier South, Napier, New Zealand 1978 - 1989
Knot Line
St Pats Scarf
St Patrick's, Napier,  New Zealand 1989-1994
Knot Line
Greebdale Tamatea Scarf
Greendale-Tamatea , Napier New Zealand 1994-1996
Knot Line
St Augustines Scarf
Saint Augustine's, Napier, New Zealand 
Knot Line
Air Scouts Scarf

Basingstoke Air Scout Group, Basingstoke , England: August 1999 -