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Camp Fire


CWS Chief ScoutCWS Chief Scout Reverse
CWS - The Chief Scout - Card 1 of 50

Thou not seen as the done thing to do now smoking was once a popluar activity. In the late 1800's and early to mid 1900'scigarette manufactures of the time released collectable cards that were included in their packs of cigarettes and tabacoo, amongest the subjects that ranged from sports stars of the time to birds & wildlife and transport, there was Scout cards released to be collected, the subjects of these cards included Scout badges & Scouting activities these were advidly collected by both Leaders & Boys and would be swapped in an attempt to get the whole set. The cigarette manufacturers also produce albums so you could keep your collection in good condition

The producers of these sets included Odgens, WA & AC Churchman, Gallaher, John Players & Sons & CWS

Below are a selection of Scouting cigarette cards to give you an idea of what the cards looked like, the reverse of each card gave details of what the card was about

Players Eagle PatrolPlayers Eagle Patrol Reverse
Players - Eagle Patrol - Card 6 of 50

Gallahers Dog BiteGallahers Dog Bite Reverse
Gallahers - Sucking Poison From A Dog Bite - Card

Gallahers Dog BiteGallahers The Boy Scout Reverse
Gallahers - The Boy Scout - Card 1 of 100

Odgens Scout CyclistOdgens Cyclist Reverse
Odgens - A Scout Cyclist -Card No 4

The Grand HowlThe Grand Howl Reverse
The Grand Howl - Card 8 of 60

CWS CamperCWS Camper Reverse
CWS - Camper Badge - Card 23 of 50


New York Public Library - There are 515 images of Boy Scout Cigarette Cards here
Old Boy Scout Cigarette Cards A very useful guide from EBay's Reviews & Guides section which lists the cards of some of the rarer sets that came out