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Arrowe Park Jamboree

What is a Jamboree?

In Scouting a Jamboree is a large gathering of Scouts, who get together either on a national or international bases for a camp, or simlar where they take part ina range of activities wich can vairy from caving to pottery and nearly always invlove some sort of service project.

Where did the term Jamboree orginate from?

When BP choose the name to mean rally, meeting and gathering, thou it didn't fully capture the spirit or atmosphere of the event, The name is thought to be derived from the Swahili for hello, jambo, as a result of the considerable amount of time he spent in the region. Lady Baden Powell is said to have used the term Jamborese describe how Scouts from different nations and cultures where able to communicate with each other despite the language barrier..

World Jamborees

Every 4 years the Scout movement holds a World Jamboree, in one of the countries of the world, Except for on 2 occassions the first being the period of the Second World War andsecnd in 1979 when the Jamboree was due to be held in Iran, was cancelled due to the political upheaval in the region at that time. To replace the cancelled event of 1979, the World Scout Committee determined that an alternative celebration, the World Jamboree Year should take place of the Jamboree. , So far there has been 21 World Jamboree, the last one was held in the UK in 2007 and coincided with the 100 years of Scouting Celebrations.

A pack of programmes is normall designed to coincide with each Jamboree ubder the banner of Join-in Jamboree, this gives members of the movement a chance to "taste" the culture of the host naition by doing activities which are connected to that country.

Video from 1929 World Jamboree


The list below gives the year and location of the last 21 world jamborees as well as the location of the 22nd Jamboree..

20th World Jamboree Badge

1920 1st World Jamboree - Olympia, London, England

1924 2nd World Jamboree - Ermelunden, Copenhagen, Denmark

1929 3rd World Jamboree - Arrowe Park, Birkenhead, England

1933 4th World Jamboree - Gödöllö, Hungary

1937 5th World Jamboree - Vogelensang-Bloemendaal, Holland

1947 6th World Jamboree - Moisson, France

1951 7th World Jamboree - Salzkammergut, Bad Ischl, Austria

1955 8th World Jamboree - Niagara on the Lake, Canada

1957 9th World Jamboree - Sutton Park, England - Jubilee Jamboree

1959 10th World Jamboree - Mt. Makiling, Philippines

1963 11th World Jamboree - Marathon, Greece

1967 12th World Jamboree - Farragut State Park, Idaho, U.S.A

1971 13th World Jamboree - Asagiri Heights, Japan, 1971

1975 14th World Jamboree - Lake Mjosa, Lillehammer, Norway

1979 World Jamboree Year

1983 15th World Jamboree - Kananaskis Country, Alberta, Canada

1988 16th World Jamboree - New South Wales, Australia

1991 17th World Jamboree - Mt. Sorak National Park, Korea

1995 18th World Jamboree - Flevoland, Tthe Netherlands

1999 19th World Jamboree - Picarquin, Chile

2003 20th World Jamboree - Thailand

2007 21st World Jamboree - Hylands Park, Chelmsford, England

2011 22nd World Jamboree - Kristianstad, Sweden

2015 23rd World Jamboree - Kirara Beach, Yamaguchi, Japan


Jamboree on the Air & Jamboree on the Internet

Joti 2009 Badge

Jamboree on the Air or JOTA as it is better known by is held on the 3rd full weekend in October every year. The event was first held in conjunction with the fiftieth anniversary of Scouting in 1957, and was devised by a radio amateur with the callsign G3BHK. The event involves the use of amateur radio operators helping Scouts make contact with fellow Scouts accross the world by the means of the amateur radio network. Participants are also encouraged to send paper or electronic confirmations known as "QSL cards" (Or "eQSL's when they are sent electronically.)

Joti 2009 Badge

Jamboree on the Internet, known by its acronym JOTI, is also held over the same weekend in October as JOTA, but instaed of using amateur radio, participants, take part by chatting to fellow scouts all over the world via the Internet. Common communication methods include ScoutLink (IRC), e-mail, and VOIP. reports that JOTI had over 4,000 participants online at one time in 2005. JOTI was first offically held in 1996, but there had been a number of unoffical events since the birth of the Internet..


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