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Baden Powell

Over the years Baden Powell made a number of speeches to not only members of the Scout and Guide Movements but to Parents, the General Public has well as what he deemed to be other important people. Below you will find a selection of these speeches..

The speeches below are in MP3 Audio Format

A speech by BP about how Scouting grew

BP Gives a Talks to Scouts

BP's message to Scout Masters and Commissoners

BP's Message to Parents

BP's Message to the Public

Another Message to Scouts

BP's Message to Wolf Cub Parents

BP Explains the Grand Howl

BP's Address to Sportsmen

BP's Address on His 80th Birthday

Below are links to the text versions of a number of speeches made by Baden Powell. Probably the most famous of all being his Last message, which was he wrote long before his death

BP's Last Message

BP's Last Message to Scouters